Kilimanjaro Marangu village cultural tour

Kilimanjaro Marangu village cultural tour

Kilimanjaro Marangu village cultural tour

The entry point for majority of that Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro, the highest Mountain in Africa (dubbed the Roof of Africa). The beautiful tropical rain forest reigns right from here leading to Alpine vegetation further up the mountain. The visit is likely to stimulate your appetite for a comeback to Climb the Kilimanjaro (can be arranged by Africa joy tours)

Duration: 1 – 2 Days depending on time
Transport: 4WD Landrover/ Landcruiser/ Minibus

Accommodation at banana jungle lodge

MANGI (CHIEF) TRADITIONAL CHAGGA HOUSE: A very efficient house almost conical in shape with a single door and no window but contains traditional beds, fireplace and a storage area. To cap it all, in addition to the human inhabitants, cows and goats also stay and dine in the same house. All under one roof and full of fresh air,

NDORO WATERFALLS: Located at the meeting point of river Whona and Moonjo, both rivers springing from the snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Famous not so much for the amount of water plunging into the gorge, but for the zigzag trekking to the bottom of the falls through a typical river vegetation in a neighborhood of coffee and banana trees. The rivers have stone boulders, a result of water erosion on these volcanic slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

AN OLD ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (110 YEARS): Built by the Germans who colonized the land in the late 18th century and consolidated their grip after the 1886 Berlin Conference on the Partitioning of Africa. A structure boasting ancient architecture, the neighborhood is predominantly Catholic. Special annual prayers are conducted on top of Ngangu hill, which is a kilometer away. We encourage climbing to the summit of the hill for panoramic view of the area. When on top of this hill you get the feeling that you are halfway up the Kilimanjaro and really on top of the world.
LOCAL BREW (Mbege): The Chagga people style of relaxing after work revolves on their cherished local brew (Mbege). A very tactical mixture of finger millet, ripe bananas and mild alcoholic agent (Msesewe).Mbege is served in specially made calabashes locally known as Kata. You will be briefed on the brewing process and later go for cup tasting.

UNDERGROUND TUNNELS: These are over 200 years old underground tunnels dug by the Chagga people as hide outs during the old days of inter-tribal clashes especially with the warrior Maasai pastoralists. People and their livestock would live underground for months during such wars. The tunnels run underground for several kilometers and at some points the pass under riverbeds.

PICNIC LUNCH: At a garden plot near the traditional Chagga hut in a very relaxed atmosphere