Lake Eyasi

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If you love learning more about different cultures whilst on holiday, Lake Eyasi in Tanzania will be perfect for you. Learn more about the Wahadzabe and Datoga tribes – widely acknowledged as being amongst the country’s most interesting peoples. This is really a way to get in touch with a fascinating culture.

Take a step back in time with a visit to this tribe – they enjoy showing tourists how their lives work. They have little use for modern technology and hunt and live much as their ancestors did. They can teach you how to find water and food in the bush – you would be amazed at how many unlikely sources of food and nourishment there are. These skills are essential for their survival as water can sometimes be scarce in the region.
Hunting here is truly a skill – the hunters go off armed only with a bow and arrows – no firearms here. They use what is on hand to make their tools – bows are made with giraffe tendons. The arrows are poison-tipped to increase their efficacy.
The Datoga tribe place a high value on their cattle – much like the Maasai do. They also have an interesting way of looking at the world. Some of the traditional rites and rituals may seem somewhat shocking to Western eyes so it is important to approach the whole thing with an open mind.
Both lots of people are known for being friendly and willing to share their knowledge with visitors and if you sit back and listen you can learn a lot.

datoga-houseLake Eyasi is not as full of wildlife as other areas in Tanzania but the scenery is breathtaking and you are guaranteed to have some wonderful shots of the African landscape. The lake itself is situated in the Rift Valley – the oldest rift globally.

The Serengeti is just to the North and so you are not far away from some of the best game viewing in the world. The area around the lake is very interesting to explore, especially on foot. Keep a look out for fossils – this is one of the oldest areas in the world.
This is an ideal spot if you really want to get away from it all – this is a great place to soak in the great outdoors. It is a bird watchers dream – there is a lot of birdlife – flamingoes do call this lake home and several other species of bird inhabit the shores of the lake.
Also along the shores of the lake you will find Mumba Cave – a very interesting archeological site that was excavated in the 1930’s. Several interesting artifacts from the Stone Age have been found proving that this area has been inhabited for quite some time now.
Set some time aside to visit with the Wahadzabe and learn more about their ways. Going on a hunting trip with them is very interesting.

The climate is normally quite warm to hot throughout the year. April and May are considered the rainy season and trips during these two months are not recommended. Aside from this, you could visit at any time you would want to.

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