Where to Stay

Tourism is a major industry in Tanzania, so it follows that there are many choices of where to stay when you visit. Where you go will pare down some of your options, but your choices can also be informed by how you wish to experience Tanzania, rather than just where you wish to visit.

There are four ‘styles’ that every accommodation in Tanzania can be sorted into: luxury, comfort plus, comfort, and basic. Each of them has its own unique appeal, so consider how best you’d like to experience your stay in Tanzania when making your choice. What do you envision when you think about the trip of a lifetime?

Basic accommodation style


Basic accommodations on our tour may not be as plush or luxurious as some of the other options, but neither is it simple. For more budget-minded travellers to Tanzania, the basic option still has a safari driver-guide and a safari chef who will pitch your tents, prepare your meals, and break camp!

With our basic accommodation, you can travel with up to three passengers in one vehicle; for parties of four or more, we will have a support vehicle on hand to help transport camping equipment and food. There is a shared bathroom, but you will often be out on safari so much that it won’t matter!

Luxury accommodation style

If you are considering touring around Tanzania in style, you should definitely consider luxury accommodations. When going on a safari and staying in a luxury accommodation, the attention to detail is what most stands out. Most, if not all, of these locations offer full five-star hotel-type amenities including swimming pools, elegant rooms, and multiple dining options.

These types of accommodation are for those who wish to experience plush, luxurious, and top-quality hospitality when out on safari in Tanzania. These are often large luxury chain lodges or luxury camps, and will offer private safari driver-guides for our guests. With your guide travelling with your private party, you get front-row access to the wonders of a Tanzanian safari.