Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions​

Epic Africa Adventure (EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE) requests you read the Terms and Conditions carefully below. It covers many issues that apply to your safari booking and answers questions you might have related to your agreement to travel with EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE.

These terms and conditions are legally binding between the traveller (s) and Epic Africa Adventure, hereinafter referred to as Epic Africa Adventure.

EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE accepts bookings at any time. All booking inquiries are given the highest priority and are responded to within 24 hours. If you need any quick help or further clarification you can call our office +255754886341.

To ensure the best price and secure the best accommodations, inquiries should be made at Epic Africa Adventure 90 days prior to your safari. All bookings, confirmations and initial deposit should be made as soon as possible after agreeing to the quoted price and itinerary to ensure EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE is able to reserve your space on your safaris and the specific accommodations requested. Private campsites accommodations request must be made at Epic Africa Adventure 120 days in advance. Budget camping safaris bookings should be made at Epic Africa Adventure 45 days in advance. Low season bookings are accepted at any time.

EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE creates tailor-made itineraries to suit individual interests and budget. A binding contract is acknowledged between us when:
1. 30% of the quoted price is received by EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE to confirm your booking
2. Full payment must be made 31 days prior to the day your safari begins.
This agreement is not binding, if failing to do so. If full payment is not received 31 days prior to the agreed arrival date and you have not notified EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE about a delay, EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE reserves the right to cancel your booking and the return of your deposit.

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing to Epic Africa Adventure. At the time we receive the cancellation, all money will be refunded less the following cancellation charges, deducted from the total land the only price:

61 days before departure: 25% of the package price is non-refundable

60 to 31 days before departure: 50% of the package price is non-refundable

30 days or less before departure: 100% of the package price is non-refundable

Within 61 days prior to departure cancellation fees will apply. You may also be responsible for any fees imposed by hotels, airlines etc., that are over and above your land arrangements, due to the cancellation of your original date bookings.

Please note that no partial refunds will be given for unused meals, hotel rooms, airport transfers etc., for any reason whatsoever. Epic Africa Adventure reserves the right to increase the tour price in the event of cost increases due to changes in airfares, currency fluctuations, park fee increases or fuel surcharges. Epic Africa Adventure reserves the right to alter the tour without notice.

EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE is flexible about making amendments to meet your needs, interests and budget provided all changes are made in time and in written form. Depending on the specific changes you would request, the package price is subjected to change.

Any changes in your safari package that incurs extra cost will be charged accordingly.

You should ensure that you have all the travel documents including passports, visas and vaccination certificates (if needed) before your departure date. For any vaccination, for example, the yellow fever vaccination, consult your physician or travel health specialist for the proper prescription. It is your sole responsibility to obtain appropriate medical advice as to medication, immunization, and whether or not you are fit enough to undertake the trip, prior to departure.

All EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE package prices are subjected to change based on park fees or government taxes. Should the authorities decide to increase any fees and taxes, we would subsequently pass these increases on to you.

EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE encourages its clients to take adequate travel and medical insurance in the event of any loss or injury while on holiday.

EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE reserves the right to use any photographs/videos taken during the trip for marketing purposes. However, you retain the right to use the photographs/videos though EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE retains copyright authority

The above Terms and Conditions together with all correspondences form part of your contract with EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE.
This contract and any matters arising from it shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Tanzania law and the courts of Tanzania which shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any and all proceedings between us either relating to our contractor arising out of it.

All luggage and personal effects are the client’s responsibility. EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE does not accept any liability for any loss or damage of personal belongings while in international transit. However, if your luggage gets lost while in transit or does not arrive with you, EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE will do its best to help you retrieve it and have it delivered to your hotel upon its arrival.

Clients are allowed to bring one bag of not more than 33lbs/ 15 kg (backpack or soft bag – no hardtop suitcase). EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE reserves the right to refuse excess baggage.

If you have any problems or concerns during your holiday, inform your safari guide, camp/hotel manager or EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE headquarters in Arusha to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Your communication with us is critical, as most issues can be resolved very quickly, so you can enjoy the balance of your safari. We are here for you!

EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE will not be responsible for injuries while on safari if rules, protocols, or procedures instructed to you by your safari guide are not followed. This includes advice to avoid loss or damage to your personal property. There are certain inherent risks present when on safari, or when engaging in any strenuous physical activity.

EPIC AFRICA ADVENTURE is not liable for illness, injury, or loss while lodging at your accommodations.

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